We have this one Earth.
We have this one life.
Let’s respect them both.

Hello, I’m Felix!

Here, I share observations about global and personal transformation, from the perspective of my “Sincerity Theory”.

By sincerity I mean a commitment to look honestly at the challenges we’re facing while also upholding an equally strong commitment to being in touch with ourselves.

Facing global transformation

Whether we like it or not, we’re currently approaching a crossroads of profound global transformation.

The ongoing challenges of climate change, extreme inequality, and political polarization are increasingly affecting all of our lives, while the accelerating dynamics of artificial intelligence are about to push us into new levels of uncertainty.

At the same time, I believe we have a real chance to steer this transformation towards a future that allows for healthier and happier lives on this one Earth. And it’s my clear experience that getting involved in steering the transformation can be fun and fulfilling.

Finding inner strength

There’s a difficulty with this though, and I think we should be honest about that, too:

Our current social and economic structures put us under pressures that tend to bring us out of touch with ourselves and our capacity for compassion.

For me, cultivating inner strength, while collaborating with others to contribute positively to global transformation, has been a source of profound happiness.

Through my writing, I aspire to convey this enthusiasm and sense of purpose. I hope it inspires new and meaningful connections, so that we can join together on this fascinating learning journey.

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On the left a photo I took in Uganda in 2011. On the right one of four images generated by the AI software Midjourney in May 2023 with the prompt: “An image of a better world”.

About me:

My name is Felix Weth and I see my purpose in promoting sincerity - within myself and more broadly by contributing to a redesign of the social and economic structures that influence our lives.

I believe that if we really want to have a chance to live sincerely, we need to disempower the structures that are continuously distracting and corrupting us. In this sense, I see myself as one of the human fighters who work on freeing humanity from the power of corporations. This may sound a little crazy, but that’s how it is.

Over the past twenty years, I have initiated several projects that aimed for positive structural change, from Studies Without Borders, through Fairmondo, to Cosyland and CosyAI. I spoke at dozens of conferences and traveled between bubbles and movements, from anti-corruption activism, through the platform coop movement, to conscious communities.

Seven years ago I realized that I needed to take a break. I stepped back to reflect and started writing on my book “The Key to Our Future”, which I’m finally about to finish.

This book is at least equally crazy as me: It seeks to connect the dots between diverse transformative movements and approaches, in order to develop a strategy for reclaiming control from the Corporate Logic that currently dictates the fate of our species.

To make this happen, the book puts an emphasis on how we can become happier, healthier, and more conscious along the way.

I believe this presents a dual challenge:

  1. Our personal challenge to be (mentally) healthy, happy, and sincere within the current structures.

  2. Our collective challenge to transform these structures so that they actually support us in being healthy, happy, and sincere, instead of constantly distracting and corrupting us.

For a more personal introduction, you could read my first text about Dragonstrength.

This is a photo taken during sunrise near Siurana, Catalonia. Can you see the dragon?

We’re all needed now

I believe that cooperation is crucial now, if we wish to preserve this one Earth we have as a place worth living for ourselves and future generations.

And I think we can all contribute to a positive transformation in our own unique ways. Let’s connect and make it happen.

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We have this one Earth. We have this one life. Let's respect them both.


Hello I'm Felix! I write about global transformation, inner strength, and cooperating sincerely. And I support cooperative projects at platform21.net